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About Connected Abodes
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Our clients choose us because we are an innovative family-run business, and specialist designers in home technology with over 15 years of experience in smart home control. As a trusted CEDIA member, we work to the highest technical standards, ensuring that we future-proof all our new builds and renovations to meet the advancing technical needs now and in the future.

We, Tim & Karen Chugg pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable complete home automation service, for both your home and boutique commercial properties.

Our clients choose Connected Abodes because we are:

  • An innovative family-run business,
  • Specialist designers in-home technology
  • We have over 10 years of experience in smart home automation control
  • We are a trusted CEDIA member, we work to the highest technical standards, ensuring that we future-proof all our new builds and renovations to meet the advancing technical needs now, and in the future.
  • Tim is an NICEIC Electrician so has not only the knowledge but the skills.

What makes us different?

We like to treat each project with care and consideration as if it were our own home. Having built our home, we appreciate the highs, lows and challenges, so we feel that not only do we have the knowledge, but the experience to support you with planning your interior for future living. Our clients at Connected Abodes get two caring professionals for the price of one.

What skills and experience does Karen bring to a project?

Tim & Karen recognise the importance of understanding your individual needs and complementing them with a well-designed solution that will enhance your living space.

Karen brings her flair for design, aesthetics and knowledge of how a solution will be used, the benefits, and where it will fit into a client’s life, once they move in.

Karen has a particular interest in lighting design and having completed her training with the Lighting Industry Association, can offer bespoke lighting designs for new or renovated properties. She is passionate about getting the lighting design right as it impacts how a space looks and feels, it can transfer a so-so room into a fabulous living space where you want to spend time. She understands the power of light and its ability to define, highlight and transform. Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance decor, space and features in your home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation. As part of our lighting design service, we provide drawings, ideas and support in finding that perfect light for each space!

As a winner at the Venus Awards for Customer Services in Devon, she is recognised for her outstanding service offered to her customers: “Karen exudes warmth and concern for her customers. She demonstrated that in delivering her product, nothing was too much trouble and would go above and beyond the call of duty. Karen was an outstanding candidate and her sincerity is a fantastic quality.”

What skills and experience does Tim bring to a project?

Tim takes Karen’s design and works out how best to achieve it efficiently, with a cost-effective functioning system. His insightful knowledge of automated products, integration and programming ensures that your solution is designed to intuitively meet your technology requirements, making it fun and easy to use.

Tim is the man on site, so you see one manager throughout the project. He has many years of experience working closely on site with other designers, trades and professionals to ensure a timely and smooth installation.

Tim is a qualified NICEIC electrician who has specialised in home automation since 2006. Tim with his training, experience and knowledge can carry out the cabling as well as the automation installation and programming. Very useful for retrofits where it requires minor electrical modifications like an extra socket or a change to light fittings. Rather than waiting for an additional person to carry out this work, Tim & his team will do it all, ensuring he saves you time and money, finding the ideal solution for minor electrical works with minimal disruption.

Lastly, Tim and his team have great attention to detail, to the point of being a perfectionist – an ideal quality for this line of work.

Find out more about Karen from her interview with Exeter Life

Karen and Tim

We both think outside the box, looking at our client’s requirements as a whole. We check how our systems and design solutions will impact other aspects of the site. For example, when installing lighting control, we will ensure seamless integration with the bathrooms, living space and a chosen kitchen company.

We both plan meticulously from design to completion – so we check there is room to house the equipment and that it is well-ventilated. We think about cable runs, ensuring they are not excessive and re-designing if there are easier ways. We liaise with architects if anything is to be integrated into the structure such as recessed blinds, or TVs to prevent costly alterations.

We project manage when requested by our clients. With a cinema room, we would coordinate the complete project, from the cabinet maker, provision of cinema seating, lighting, and appropriate wall coverings, to all the audio-visual equipment. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.

We are proud to be a member of CEDIA, not only a sign of quality but it is also shown that as a family-run business, we care enough about our work and our clients to invest our time in remaining continually up-to-date with the very latest industry innovations and best practices.

Our dedicated team of experts provide a comprehensive design and installation service throughout the South West from Gloucestershire through to Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

Connected Abodes Ltd is a member of CEDIA and is NICEIC registered for additional reassurance.

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Home Automation

Smart Services

Tim Chugg smart automation

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, bringing together your automated lighting control and design, automated blinds or curtains, multi-room audio systems, home cinema, smart gadgets and home security gate/door entrance devices into a single, simple-to-use interface to control it all.

Smart Lighting Control & Design

Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance the decor, space and features in your home, exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smartphone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world.

Smart Automated Blinds & Curtains

Whether you are building, renovating or just want to add a change to an existing room, we offer smart blind and curtain solutions controlled by a switch smart device or voice. They now incorporate light and heat managing fabrics for temperature control and protection from damaging UV rays.

Smart Multi-Room Audio System Installation

The ultimate connection of all your entertainment technology - TV, radio, laptop, cinema, record deck and speakers to create a seamless smart multi-audio experience. Listen to music in every room, with individual music and source choice controlled by switches or apps.


home cinema projector dropping from ceiling

Smart Home Cinema Solutions & Design

We cover all the options, from a TV with a soundbar to a projector in a cinema room with multiple speakers, our ultimate goal is to create a fully immersive viewing experience for your cinema, media room or multi-purpose room.

Smart Security Integration

We combine conventional security solutions such as alarms and CCTV with the latest in smart systems, which talk to each other. Consequently, you have a more sophisticated security system that is far greater than the individual component systems.

Man controlling smart devices from iPad

Smart Home & Business Networking Solutions

We specialise in designing high-end home and business networking and Wi-Fi installations using the latest technologies, ensuring the highest level of security, protecting your privacy and ensuring that vulnerable smart devices, can’t be used to access your network.

Exterior of Lympstone Manor

Smart Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

We bring smart design and control to boutique hospitality, retail outlets and places of work for local owners, such as Michael Caines, proprietor of Mickeys Beach, Exmouth & Lympstone Manor Hotel and the Darts Farm Family, with smart lighting control, music systems and motorised blinds and curtains.

How we work with you

The Process


We arrange to meet you

Tim and Karen, will listen and gain an understanding of your unique requirements, aspirations, and lifestyle.

We deliver a bespoke design plan

Tim will then give you estimated costs, for the design, products and specifications, delivered, within your agreed budget.

We coordinate & work as a team

Tim will work with your designers, electricians and project managers to ensure services are coordinated and everything is delivered in the correct order.

Then give you a full handover

On completion, Tim will demonstrate how your systems work together, ensuring that everything works as you requested, with a handover pack for future reference.

We then offer continued support

In the coming months we provide a full follow-up service for your new technology and then further over the years to keep you up to date with emerging innovations.



Our reviews

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about us

"Lighting sets the mood for everything"

Michael Caines, Michelin Chef - Lympstone Manor

"Tim is diligent and a perfectionist. He will not leave a project until he and his client are totally satisfied"

Amanda and Tony Dowling

"We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wanting a 21st Century home"

Steve Graham

"We thought it was time to let you know how thrilled we are with the blinds and the lighting scheme."

Sonia, Exeter

"The final result has been even better than anticipated."

Susan from Exeter

“We have used Intelligent Abodes in two homes now and would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Mike from Exmouth

“Tim & his team were and are always extremely helpful and the after sales service has been fantastic”

Claire from Tavistock

“Tim was excellent in problem-solving on site, helping us achieve the desired outcome”

Greg from Exeter

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